Irina is a Foster Mom to this 2 cats.

For a few weeks during the year, I take care for the 2 cats, of a good friend.

That works perfect for all of us, this cats have a sec. home.  I love to spent time with them and they are the perfect models for me.

If you ask what kind of brand they are, Devon Rex.

September 2016


May 2016

They are back in my home, wish I would not be so busy right now and had time for a photo session with them, but will try next week, will keep you posted here……

April 2016

After a very long time it was Time to visit them in their home in Chelsea, the moment I saw them I knew how much I missed them.

Christmas 2015

IMGP7997IMGP8002IMGP8036They both are 7 years old. The black one – Eunice-is the girls, she likes adventures. The ginger one- Creamy- is the Boy, he is the lazy one, a real garfield, sleeping,eating and snuggling are his favorites.