Great Workshop with Studio Light

Adorama (, one of my favorite photo equipment stores in New York offers all these great workshops within their “event space”.

This was the first that I ever visited, but i learned so much and met very nice photographers – I will com back !

Instructor Daniel Norton set up all this fantastic lighting and explained everything thoroughly. During the setup every attending photographer had the chance to take a few pictures with his own gear. It was exciting and fun to work with the models and I am always full of creative ideas and did some experiments of my own.

But the most interesting was to see what the other participants with more experience did – everyone used different poses and aspects. And yes, there was a woman with an iPhone and some guys with a $5k equipment …

The results couldn’t be more different.






After everybody was finished I took the opportunity to ask if I could get a photo of myself taken in that setup, was still looking for a new Headshot for my business.

Creating Photos with Studio lighting is so very nice, something I really want to practice more with it – especially with the new LED devices.

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