Sleepover at Grandma’s ended in front of my camera

This 3,5 year old boy is the grandson of my very good friend Joy and I told her a while ago now that we need to create some new memories for her.

A few days ago we finally found some time together – only 30 minutes – but that was enough time for me to capture some of sweetie’s character.

Though the time was limited I did not just use the wall or a natural background as the backdrop, I wanted to be creative for Valentine’s Day, so i searched in all my decoration from the last years and created my own Valentine’s background.IMGP8348

That was the time when I learned that I need a backdrop stand to be more creative. Light is soo elusive !


As my light source I used one flash bounced to the ceiling and a reflector to fill the shadows.

see my results here……


Then I changed my background to black fabrics to focus more on the person in front of the camera.


Here we are watching a helicopter in the sky and I used completely natural light, some with reflector but most without.


A nice trick to get a different focus !


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