Unhappy Hubby… models wanted !

During the winter months the outdoor sessions with all the layers of cloth are not so nice and comfortable, a good time to practice indoor studio photography.

I invested some money in a backdrop stand with two backgrounds ( Savage seamless paper ), in a creamy white and “fashion grey”; really nice material !

Of course I couldn’t wait to test them – it’s very tough to be behind and in front of the camera at the same time – so it was my husband again to model for me.

I tested two different lighting setups, and enjoyed it so much to play with light and create some drama.


The second setup created a very diffuse and soft light, nothing for men, but perfect for women and children and I only had a male model so I tested it with him too.


Here I worked with two flashes and one reflector, which is not so easy in our small apartment, but for heads it works fine.

Recently I got the first request from a family for her dad’s business-style head shot – I feel honored.

So I am ready to take the competition ! More models are always welcome – business or family – let’s work on it ! Special Pricing available – more things to learn still, but it is so much fun.

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