Behind the Scene – Studio Session

A real big, big event is foreshadowing …

I will be allowed to document the 3rd birthday party of the son of one of my dearly-loved families here ! It will be a very big event with dozens of guests and the big theme of the party is a firetruck and firefighters; the real heroes of our city.

So we did a studio portrait session beforehand to get a few great big photos for the party decoration. The prints arrived yesterday – they were the biggest prints I ever ordered with this lab and I can tell, they came out really amazing. And the best of all: The mother of this handsome little guy was loudly excited when she got the prints – wow, I will remember that for a long time !

That’s one of the reasons why I am in business and I hope so much to be able to create these moments and the memories for more families and let them enjoy them every day. These memories we are creating together for many years to come. I am still so happy that I have many photos from me with my family – especially with my Grandma and all my cousins remembering the fun time we had. Unfortunately she passed away when I was 12, but we cousins still sit together and laugh and see the tiny treasure photos.


This is my new background – a very robust, intensely blueish muslin – you can even put it into the washer.

This is also the last photo of one of my noisy little visitor cats, she had to walk into the photo as if she could miss something. Sadly now my cat-sitting is over again. But one good thing is that I do not have to ask visitors about pet allergies. They are only with me for a few weeks during the year.

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