Visitors from Germany going home with great New York Portraits


Last fall during school off time in Germany my Cousin visited us with her 2 kids, Tom and Lia, her parents and her mother in law. Can you imagine a group of 8 people in the morning rush hour taking the subway together to Bowling Green, because they want to catch the first Ferry to Liberty Island and don’t get lost? You are right, we lost each other, but with good instruction before entering the train we all arrived somehow at the meeting point.

The complete time together was a great adventure. Here are only a few highlights, Tom got lost in the 9/11 Memorial Museum, before the first breakfast they found out that a mouse enjoyed the bread alrady – a rental at 62nd and 2nd Ave – to be close to Roosevelt Island; I missed the sailing boat for the evening cruise, stuck in Traffic, could even say goodbye, but was not allowed on the boat anymore – so learn from it, be always 30 min prior before departure!

But they saw it all, WTC, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, American Girl Shop, Sack’s Fifth Ave,Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, the yellow Diamond at Tiffany’s, the Plaza Hotel, a lot of museums and a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, Finance District, 9/11 Memorial, a lot more and of course, shopping even one day in Woodbury NJ – that highlight was the drive over the George Washington Bridge. After living 6 years in New York now, we enjoy it still every time to do sightseeing in New York City. They took not only all the memories home, they took a lot special New York Portraits home too, which are hanging in big Canvas in their home.







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