A Bavarian in New York

We always enjoy it so much when we have visitors in town – because we still love these sightseeing tours in the City that never sleeps. It is always kind of strange to discover areas of the city where we never went before … and believe me after 6 years here, there are still streets and corners we never noticed or which have totally changed since – let’s say three months ago …


So we had a coworker of my hubby for a few days and were only able to spend a weekend altogether. So much was going on ! We went to the March for Science NYC through Midtown, also had a look at the famous shops, the Plaza Hotel and then down to Rockefeller Center and Times Square and the United Nations Building, Sutton Place … Wow, that guy was not to get tired by feet !

On Sunday we started our day with a service at our church St. George’s, Rutherford Place, where he learned about the assassination intended to kill J.P. Morgan in 1920.

Because this day was the one with the most clear sky my recommendation was to see the city from above. On our way downtown we walked Union Square, where at 14th Street the island of Manhattan is at its widest, and where the first electric lamps were installed by Eddison. Over Washington Sqaure Park, close to the NYU. I love this park, here is always music in the air! in one of the oldest streets of the city were i love the light so much, took here great photos of us at christmas , I did a short photo shooting with Andreas, his mother will be very happy, when she get a nice framed prnit of it at mothersday.

In the Park a piano was right in the middle of the Arch surrounded by lot of people which enjoyed the music very much. A few steps away were all this families who enjoy the nice weather with the million bubble party.  All the rainbow bubbles in the air made this a very happy place. From Broadway we took the bus downtown, from the windows he got the first impression of all the great cast iron building, our bus stop was at St.Paul’s Chapel, have you seen it after the renovation? They are celebrating their 250 anninversary this year. Here we talked about the 9/11 attakts and saw all the teddybear people had left at the fence the days after the attacs. on our way over to the 1 WTC we saw all the new buildings and the new shopping center and transportation hub. Andreas would discover this are alone another day when he visted the museum.

Like always we enjoyed the view on city a lot. I have – the second year in a row – the membership, that means I can go up there in 365 days as often as I like!  the nice thing is, I don’t need to buy tickets in advance for my guest, and we are allowed to use a special entrance, so that saves a lot time, and I get always the next elevator, that goes very fast. From the convinience is my favorite spot to see the city from above, but i love the outdoor expirence and the central park view from the Top of the Rock more, but the don’t offer the membership anymore, and the stuff is very rude.


Up there I praticed a lot to get a perfect  lighted photo. The light is so difficult, the glas makes it very taff, if you want the outside in a good light, athe person in front als always dark and you only get a shilouet, if you use a fash, you will see nothing from outside because the flash reflex in the windows, if you meter for the person in front off the window, everything outside is too bright, you see , I gave it a lot of thoughs.  this time i even brought a tiny reflector up there, lucky me they didn’t take it away at the securty like my mini tripod.

My result is lets look the person out of the window,so a lot light is facing his face

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