3rd Birthday – Upsherinish

I had the great honor to be part on Leivik’s special day.

At his 3rd birthday he got his first haircut and all family members and friends are invited to cut a piece of his wonderful long hair.

It was a very nice big party with a lot of other children.

From Wikipedia:

Upsherin, Opsherin or Upsherinish (Yiddish: אפשערן, lit. “shear off”, Judaeo-Arabic: חלאקה, ḥalāqah) is a haircutting ceremony observed by a wide cross-section of Jews and is particularly popular in Haredi Jewish communities. It is typically held when a boy turns three years old. Among those who practice the upsherin, the male infant does not have his hair cut until this ceremony.


Traditionally celebrated with a lot of sweets for the children, I loved the colorful decoration and Nechama put so much love in all the details and baked this delious cookies all by herself !

its nice to have all your family around you, so you can make nice memories for the family album !


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