Behind the Scene – My first Baby Photosession in Years

Last week a little baby girl Yael visited me in my Apartment…..

Well, OK – she was 8 weeks old, so it cannot really be called a newborn photo session, but for me it was such a nice experience and therefore a kind of “newborn”.

It was the first time after 5 years moving from Germany to New York City, leaving friends and family with their small children behind – and now I got the wonderful chance to take baby photos again –

I have to admit I was a bit nervous – not much space in our small apartment, not yet the professional lighting I wanted – though there is a very nice window with a lot of natural light from north, the old reflector from ebay and my ancient Pentax Flash.

And it worked better than I thought !

Hubbys old Teddy Bear was the perfect candidate to test if my ideas would work out.

See the result here:


And I am even more happy with the photos from Yael’s Visit the day later –

see in the next Post.

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