Advertising Photos for an Off Broadway Show

Wicked City of Blues

The musical is a classic 1940s detective story with a dead body, a dame who’s too hot to handle, a couple of ruthless mobsters, and a hard-boiled private eye who falls in love with a femme fatale. Mix in the madcap hilarity of a live radio show with jazz, comedy, and suspense, and you get yourself a great ride through the dark streets and glitzy night clubs of the Wicked City.

Wicked City Blues Cast Members:

Thom Brown III, Alicia Buxton, Michael A. Green, Daniel Burns, Ben Gold, Brett Murphy, DeAngelo M. Kearns, Suzi Weisberg, Brittany Rodin, Janet Huey, Lauren Coccaro, and Dylan Bivings.

Wicked City Blues Creative Team

Author: : Cornell Christianson and Norman Thalheimer
Music & Lyrics:Norman Thalheimer
Director / Choreographer: C.B. Murray
Producer: John Lant and Cornell Christianson
Music Director: Michael Zak
Lighting Design: Maarten Cornelis
Dance Captain: Janet Huey
Production Stage Manager: Tessa Keough
Production Team: Trevor Trotto, Tim Hays, Jolie Chafetz
Publicist: Roger Gonzale


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