Cherry Blossom Time on Roosevelt Island

If you are a bit like me, you are thrilled that the long winter is finally over. Spring has now arrived in New York  City too. It’s always my favorite season with all the colors popping up in nature after the long grey and white time. As much as I love Studio photography, it is great to go out again for my most loved Family Lifestyle Sessions.

Let’s the kids have some fun time jumping and running around again and let us find some neat activities for them to do.



So happy that we got this year even more blooming trees. On the south-east side of the Island, close to the Cornell Tech Campus, the new trees are blooming earlier than the one on the west side. Now we have Cherry trees blooming at 3 different times, this means almost 3 weeks of flowering trees. For me as a photographer that is perfect, more time to create these stunning family memories.


With the cherry blossom festival coming up on the 20th of April 2018 a lot Japanese culture is coming to the Island. There will be all day activity, at the Southpoint Park, a traditional Tea ceremony, Picknick under the cherry trees and later in the afternoon some performing at the Four Freedom Park. Take a closer look at the full event plan.

Maybe you will meet us at the festival, as I will document it for The Main Street Wire, our local Newspaper this year. And with a little bit luck, your family could be in the Newspaper very soon.

We still have a few spots for Sunday and the coming weekend open. Because it’s only a short time of the year that we have this pink trees here on the Island, we will not charge the usual weekend fee.

What’s happening in a Lifestyle inspired Session?

We will plan the session together with you. Talk about outfits and activities. During the session, I will choose the right spot, depending on background and most important of light. And then your family will have some fun together. It’s so much more fun than always smile in the camera. And even dads love it. Because they interact with their children and often forget that I am there with my camera. With this kind of photography, we always capture the special bunding in a family. Of course, we always shoot the typical family portrait -with everybody smiling in the camera -too, that Grandma will put on her wall. But for us, the little moments are so much more important.

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