Studio Lighting Workshop at Adorama with Seth Miranda

The day after this workshop I am still very impressed.

Seth Miranda is not only a great photographer and artist – look up his work, very impressive – he is also a very passionate and patient teacher.

We worked on two sets. Each had a different Background and two lighting setups.

For our male model, we used a black V flat, a strip softbox with a grid as separation light from the background and a beauty dish with a grid, for all the drama light in his face. In some images, we used a reflector to fill in a bit the shadows.

This model was very fun to work with, he is an actor and showed us a lot of drama in his expressions.

In our small group, we decided how to change the angle and distance of the light to get the different effects. Then each student had some time alone with the model to create their own vision of the moment. Every student went home with completely different images – even we choose to shoot with the same camera and chose a lens 24-70mm.

For the female model, we had a two-light setup again.  But this time a strip softbox, to bring her beautiful red hair to shine and an octa softbox for the facial skin. In this setup, the model was free to move more. It was more soft even lit, more beauty portrait.

Here we played with the difference between background, model and light and sometimes changed the angle of the softbox so we archived all the different varieties.    In one segment we even used our big softbox as the background and created the clean white background.

The quintessence of this workshop for me, my passion for studio photography grow even more. After the workshop, I went shopping and brought new studio equipment home to the island. A very heavy C-stand, a new reflector, a new monolite and a sender for my new light. Now I am looking for my own model to practice more what I learned yesterday. I will keep you posted.

Looking forward to the next workshop at Adorama

Thanks to Seth Miranda and both our glorious Models!


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